Central Tree Stable
Rutland, Ma 


​L uci Briggs Simmons 
               "I can't say enough good things about the top notch care my horse receives at Central Tree. Excellent facility with
        a barn manager that keeps everything organized, clean and running like clockwork. An amazing group of people
        make up a relaxed and supportive atmosphere for both me and my horse. What more could you ask for?
       My happy place"

Cassidy Seidl
​         "Great facility with amazing horse care!! My horse has never been happier. All of her needs are met and then some"

​Abigail Granville
​            "The trainers and staff are awesome and the care for the horses is exceptional. Great place to ride and have fun!"

Heather OConnell
​             "Kam provides exceptional care and lives on the property. Relaxed environment where horses are happy and
       calm. Never a stress or worry if I couldn't get out to the barn for a few days."

Terise Cole
            "Hay, blanket changes, and crazy boarder requests galore! Kam does an amazing job keeping the horses and
      boarders happy while retaining a relaxed environment. Central Tree has the best care and you can feel worry-free if
      you can't make it to the barn for a few days—she could tell me if my horse sneezed wrong. Plus, facility
     accommodations match the impeccable care, making Central Tree the right fit for me (and maybe you, too)!"

Cliff Rowe
            "Central Tree Stable is where I boarded my retired show horse for 3 years under the management of Kamryn. She runs a 5 star stable, clean,clean! I've been in the horse industry for 51 years as a trainer, breeder, and farrier and would recommend Central Tree Stable to anyone!"